Kratom Legislation, Whole Earth Gifts is committed to helping advocate for proper regulation that ensures both the safety and legality of all Kratom products imported, processed, packaged, and sold in the United States. Whole Earth Gifts is a strong advocate of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and a supporter of the American Kratom Association.  Through Legislation, Kratom can be regulated to ensure safety, quality, and legitimacy for the American Kratom Industry. Whole Earth Gifts will host important articles from outside sources in the News and Resources section regarding Kratom Legislation as an archive for people to observe the progression of Kratom through the fight in the American Legal system and worldwide against schedule one classification and prohibition. Kratom is considered by millions of individuals to be Life Saving and should be available to the people who seek to use it. With proper Good Manufacturing Practices and Kratom Legislation to validate the legal status of safely produced Kratom Products that are responsibly harvested and Lab Tested to ensure the safety of the final products that will be sold legally on store shelves. This process will validate the industry as a whole and bring it to the forefront of mainstream acceptance not only in the United States but worldwide. Once the United States passes proper fair and just positive Legislation for the American Kratom Industry, the individuals who depend on it will be able to feel safe from prohibition and not forced back into the reasons they found Kratom to escape from. We need to openly and honestly educate about the positive uses of this amazing tree from South East Asia, Mitragyna Speciosa.