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Established in 2014, the American Kratom Association is committed to restoring full consumer access to kratom and to preserve and protect the freedom of consumers in the United States to make their own choices on their well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The American Kratom Association is a Virginia-registered non-profit corporation in good standing, operating as a 501 c(4). Through the services of its Executive Director and a 3rd-party CPA, the AKA ensures its compliance with both State and Federal regulations through timely internal financial reconciliations and strict Board-adopted conduct policies. We are committed to bringing confidence for each donor that their money is being spent wisely.

It is only through the generosity of individual donors and volunteers that we have been able to fight anti-kratom legislation across the United States.


The American Kratom Association was formed in 2014 and officially launched in 2015, to protect the right of all Americans to use the natural botanical Kratom for improved health and well-being. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a natural analgesic which has been used for hundreds of years to safely alleviate pain, combat fatigue and help with the effects of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, the spread of misinformation, both scientific and anecdotal, about Kratom has created a challenging regulatory environment. The American Kratom Association was formed to organize and represent a community of responsible consumers, provide the general public with clarification surrounding matters of health and wellness where Kratom could play an important role, educate lawmakers and regulators and support scientific research efforts.


On behalf of the growing numbers of Kratom users, including doctors, lawyers, teachers and law enforcement officers, The American Kratom Association works to help protect their ability to use Kratom for the purposes of improved health and well being.

The American Kratom Association has 5 main goals:

1. Support Consumers
We believe many political and private entities don’t make the needs of the consumer and constituents a priority. Our goal is to change that.

2. Educate
Kratom has many beneficial purposes and is an all-natural alternative. Our goal is to educate all Americans—from potential consumers to regulators and everyone in between.

3. Amplify
We represent thousands of Americans that each have a story to tell. We believe the current environment in the United States often does not listen to individual voices and together we will make our voice heard.

4. Global Awareness
We hope to demonstrate responsible use and practical knowledge other countries may study when considering Kratom legislation.

5. Protect Natural Resources
Kratom is a precious natural resource. We support and advocate for sustainable harvesting techniques and reforestation efforts.


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