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Whole Earth Gifts was established in the summer of 2020 with the goal of providing the Kratom community a reliable place to buy kratom or shop for kratom online. We have a wide selection at the lowest price so you can buy kratom or shop for kratom online. By offering only the highest quality, lab-tested products from the best brands in the industry, you can rest easy when you buy kratom or shop for kratom online because we proudly stand behind our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Innovations such as free same-day shipping and our low-price guarantee set us apart and put us above the rest when you buy kratom or shop for kratom online. With an unrivaled level of professionalism and reliability, top-notch live chat, and phone support across extended hours seven days a week, Whole Earth Gifts provides all our clients with an exceptionally outstanding customer experience and quickly become the best place to buy kratom or shop for kratom online.



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We are a USA-based, scientific extraction laboratory & manufacturing firm that specializes in pLant extractions, formuLations, & production of premium quality, ALL-NaturaL KR8om™ by NUEVOtanicals® finished goods & services.
Our innovative & excLusive aLkaLoid isoLation technique uses ONLY pLant-based materiaLs to deliver the purest, most highLy-viabLe concentrate avaiLabLe making us the best kratom to buy when you buy kratom..
This Bio-based extract is masterfuLLy prepared into finished products using our proprietary formuLations, high-grade naturaL ingredients, & of course, Lots of Love.
NUEVOtanicals® is a proud manufacturer of extract-based components & products for some of the industry’s Leading names & distributors within the ethnobotanicaL & herbaL sectors.

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1836 Kratom (formerly known as Quantum Kratom) is dedicated to providing the fitness and wellness community with premium quality option when they want to buy kratom. Lab-tested kratom at a reasonable price.  We are proud to be an American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Vendor. Our team, and many of our loved ones, are buy kratom consumers; so we demand safe products for ourselves, our families and our customers. We take immense pride in playing a role in kratom advocacy, encouraging responsible and ethical regulation, sales and consumption. Every lot of our kratom is 3rd party lab tested by accredited laboratories, in the United States, and goes through our proprietary heat-sterilization process to help ensure a safe product. Steding & Sons Mercantile, manufacturer of 1836 kratom, is an American-owned company, based in Austin, TX. We proudly work with providers from West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Founded by a  husband, father, fitness enthusiast and musician; we believe in kindness, compassion, love, health, wellness and freedom of choice. We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful customers that share these values. Our founder is a graduate of the University of Florida and has been certified as a personal trainer. Our team is dedicated to expanding health and wellness knowledge through life-long learning. In addition to regular donations toward buy kratom advocacy, we are proud to support charities we love, including St. Jude, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. If there is a charity you would like us to consider, please email

We are very grateful for all the hard work of the American Kratom Association and other organizations dedicated to continued scientific research, maintaining legality, and sharing the positive truths about our plant. Thank you.

Please consult with a physician before use. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Not for sale not minors. Pregnant/nursing women are advised against use.

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is cousin of the coffee plant, indigenous to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, the leaves have been dried and then crushed or powdered, brewed as tea or mixed with a beverage. A growing number of people believe kratom may have health and wellness benefits.

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Super Speciosa is an AKA GMP Qualified Vendor. Our facilities are verified by a third party inspection and our kratom meets the American buy Kratom Association’s GMP standards for quality and safety.

Don’t just take our word for it. Seeing is believing and transparency is important to us. We are the first brand to introduce scannable QR codes on each product label that link directly to the lab certificates for authenticity, potency, and contaminants.

Engineered by nature, from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Super Speciosa carefully sources its kratom from trusted harvesters practicing sustainable and clean methods in the jungles of Borneo. Our leaf is dried indoors to protect against contamination and then milled into a fine powder. We perform an organic process developed in-house to gently treat the kratom and reduce contaminants, all while maintaining the integrity of the plant. Independent labs are used to test for impurities, contaminants, and adulterants. Our facility and equipment are built to clean specifications and we don’t package anything by hand. Add it all up and you get a truly natural product that you can trust!

We understand that our success is a direct result of your experience as a customer and we pledge to do everything in our power to ensure that it is a good one. All of our buy kratom is finely milled and handled with care. It is packaged by our in-house equipment that weighs and heat seals individual pouches to maximize cleanliness and minimize human contact with your personal goods.

Super Speciosa stands behind the quality of its product. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to make you happy. We pride ourselves on our relationships with customers, and we don’t want to lose any of you!

Super Speciosa is proud to be recognized by the American Kratom Association (AKA) as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Qualified Vendor. By earning this accreditation, our team has demonstrated its commitment to consumer safety and raising the bar for quality standards in the kratom community. Good Manufacturing Practices are guidelines that provide for a system of quality to ensure that supplement products meet standards for quality, identity, purity, and strength.

By adhering to GMP standards, Super Speciosa is able to meet customers’ demands for safe, lab-tested, and fully traceable kratom products that are severely lacking elsewhere in the market. The AKA has developed a set of GMP guidelines that can be reviewed on their website. To earn this recognition from the AKA, we opened our doors to an independent auditor who inspected our operations and facility. We know that transparency is critical in earning our customers’ trust. That’s why we place a unique QR code on each product’s label. When the customers buy kratom and scans this QR code with their mobile device, it links them directly to the lab certificates for the specific batch they are holding in their hands. We are the first buy kratom brand in the market to offer this kind of traceability

Super Speciosa is truly a top tier AKA GMP Qualified Vendor. We only sell the very best!

buy kratom or shop for kratom online from Mitra Botanicals

With absolute unrivaled potency & unparalleled quality Mitra Botanicals 100% Kratom Powders and Capsules are setting new industry standards.

Available in Red, Green, and White veins, our exclusive, sterilized supply is tested for the highest alkaloid content and consistent cleanliness by third party analysts.

GMP compliant manufacturing and our strict quality control measures ensure you of the finest quality kratom products available.

We want to give you plenty of options when you buy Kratom. Our Kratom powder is harvested for both maturity and potency.

All product is heat-treated at 160° for over 24 hours. Each strain tested to ensure quality, cleanliness, and strength. All testing information is available on the lab tests page. Buy kratom from Mitra Botanicals, they are some of the very best in the industry.

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Zion Herbals / Botanaway Inc. We are a manufacturer of many well-known brand names. Zion Herbals, Nine Mile Botanicals, Element C, and Botanafresh. Buy kratom, botanicals and extracts come from our partner plantations throughout the globe. Our herbal products are unique to our brands and offer the highest purity extracts and isolates available. You can buy kratom from our Virginia hemp farm or our Borneo Kratom plantation we only sell our trusted superior quality herbs. We are cGMP compliant and manufacture all our products in house. All products are third-party lab tested for quality and cleanliness. We offer the widest variety of delivery methods. Including tablets, tinctures, capsules, sodas, cigars, energy shots, and more. Our brands are known for their unique quality and are priced to compete successfully with any other brands guaranteed. We have been in operation since 2010 and have been instrumental in introducing ground-breaking botanicals while leading the advocacy efforts to keep herbals available worldwide. A large percentage of our proceeds go directly into Kratom leadership efforts globally. We are a proud sponsor of all Champs Trade Shows and are featured in BRB Magazine and HQ magazine. Strictly the best is our motto and we strive to always deliver. Buy kratom from zion herbals and you are buying the best kratom in the indusrty.

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When you buy kratom from Whole Earth, our products deliver the exact same quality product as the leading brands, without the cost of expensive packaging. We keep it simple to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you so you can buy kratom cheap. While we definitely appreciate a fancy package, this product is for those who prefer to buy kratom that is quality, American Lab-Tested Kratom, over silly names, marketing gimmicks, and a flashy package you’re just going to throw away. Follow the science and know what you’re buying when you buy kratom from whole earth.

Have a look for yourself, or scan the QR code on your package to view them anytime, anywhere. Couple this with our unbeatable pricing and flexible quantity selection and you’ve just found your new home for pure, raw, premium quality kratom.

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