Gold Strain Kratom
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As a newer color to hit the market, there are lots of theories on how kratom becomes Gold Strain Kratom. Some attribute its color to the maturity of the leaf. Some credit the drying techniques. Yet others claim it’s a blend and still others insist it’s a hybrid plant. It’s clear further research needs to be done, however, it’s still a favorite among many people around the world. Offering a broad selection from brands like 1836 KratomSuper SpeciosaWhole EarthKR8om™ & Mitra Botanicals, you’ll find the freshest Gold Strain Kratom, right here at Whole Earth Gifts. With our wide range of brands, colors, strains, and sizes, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s powder you like, capsules you prefer, …and yes, Extracts, too, you have a ton of choices here at Whole Earth Gifts.

Here are some of our various other non-traditional strain and vein kratom products.
Other Powders

1836 Kratom Shangri La La Powder
1836 Kratom Atomic Maeng Da Powder
1836 Kratom Super Gold Powder
Whole Earth Mix & Match Powder
Whole Earth Sample Pack Powder
Whole Earth Pure Gold Strain Kratom Powder
Whole Earth Kilos / Splits Powder

Super Speciosa White Thai Powder

Other Capsules

1836 Kratom Shangri La La Capsules
1836 Kratom Atomic Maeng Da Capsules
1836 Kratom Super Gold Capsules
Whole Earth Mix & Match Capsules
Whole Earth Sample Pack Capsules
Whole Earth Pure Gold Strain Kratom Capsules

Super Speciosa White Thai Capsules

Other Extracts

1836 Kratom Electric Illumination Tablets
1836 Kratom Caffeinated Cinnamon Liquid

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