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If it’s not Red, Green, or White, and not Maeng Da or Bali, it’s here. Borneo, Thai, Gold, Blends, and all other various, less-popular, Strains and Viens can be found below, along with blends of multiple strains or colors. Offering a broad selection from brands like 1836 Kratom, Super Speciosa, and Whole Earth, you’ll find the best Kratom, right here at Whole Earth Gifts. Whether it’s powder you like, capsules you prefer, or even extracts, you’re sure to find what you like here at Whole Earth Gifts!

Whole Earth Gifts was established in the summer of 2020 with the goal of providing the Kratom community a reliable source on a wide selection of Blended Kratom Colors at the lowest price. By offering only the highest quality, lab-tested products from the best brands in the industry, we proudly stand behind our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Innovations such as free same-day shipping, recurring subscription services, and our low-price guarantee set us apart. With an unrivaled level of professionalism and reliability, top-notch live chat, and phone support across extended hours seven days a week, Whole Earth Gifts provides all our clients with an exceptionally outstanding customer experience.
Other Blended Kratom Colors Powders

1836 Kratom Shangri La La Powder
1836 Kratom Atomic Maeng Da Powder
1836 Kratom Super Gold Powder
Whole Earth Mix & Match Powder
Whole Earth Sample Pack Powder
Whole Earth Pure Gold Powder
Whole Earth Kilos / Splits Powder

Super Speciosa White Thai Powder

Other Blended Kratom Colors Capsules

1836 Kratom Shangri La La Capsules
1836 Kratom Atomic Maeng Da Capsules
1836 Kratom Super Gold Capsules
Whole Earth Mix & Match Capsules
Whole Earth Sample Pack Capsules
Whole Earth Pure Gold Capsules

Super Speciosa White Thai Capsules

Other Blended Kratom Colors Extracts

1836 Kratom Electric Illumination Tablets
1836 Kratom Caffeinated Cinnamon Liquid

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Blended Kratom Colors available here at Whole Earth Gifts.

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Whole Earth Mix & Match Kratom Powder


Whole Earth Mix & Match Kratom Capsules


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1836 Kratom Atomic Maeng Da Kratom Powder